Car Buying Guide

The Car Buying Guide... how to get the best deal

Car salespeople are expert at “dealing”… their goal is to make as much profit from you as they can whilst making you think that you’re getting a good deal. To get the best deal, you need to understand:

  • What price you really get for your car
  • The clever tactics dealers use to fool you
  • How to “out tactic” them
  • What to say and what not to say
  • How to say “No” and ask for a better deal
  • How to spot and avoid bad finance deals
  • Zero percent finance isn't real!

The information on this website was written by two trained and successful car sales people and is packed with insider information, tips and advice about buying a car – to help you get the best deal. get started, follow the links at the left

Why we wrote this guide

Having worked in car sales for a major dealership, we used to tell friends and family about all the tricks car salespeople get up to... all the things WE were trained to do... the things that fool people into thinking they were getting a good deal, when really they weren't!  This guide is an extension of the notes that we wrote for them. It's free and you can be reading it in a few minutes.

Get the best price for your part exchange

Do you think you get different offers for your part exchange car from different dealers? You don’t - what they give with one hand they take with the other! This website shows you how this slight of hand works and how to protect yourself from being drawn in by this and similar tricks.

...find out more

Get the best deal on a car loan

Do you think zero percent finance is worthwhile? Actually it’s not – you pay for it in other ways… it’s just a “lure” to make you think you are getting a good deal. In any car deal, there are so many ways that they can hide what is really going on. We show you how a car deal works and how to check the finance deal you are being offered so that you don’t get “taken in”. get started, follow the links at the top left

You can also use our free Car Loan Calculator to check any car loan - make sure that you get a good rate and aren't borrowing more than you thought!

Buying A Car ?

We don't try to tell you where to buy a car, what car to buy and we don't tell you where to get finance - we show you how to go about getting the best car deal wherever you go, especially when you trade in your old car.

The content of the Car Buying Guide is unique and does not appear on any other website or printed material, nor is it copied from any other source - it comes from the inside knowledge and experience of two successful car salespeople and is specifically for people buying a car in the UK but the principles should apply equally in any country.

Start reading the Car Buying Guide now and make sure you pay less for your next car.


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Description: The Car Buying Guide shows you how to correctly value your car, how to use car price guides, how to deal with car salespeople, how to see through the gimmicks and avoid dealer's tactics, how to compare car deals and how to negotiate the best deal - whether buying a new car or a used car in the UK.

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